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I regularly translate, amongst others, the following documents:
  • Terms and conditions, product information sheets, issuing prospectuses
  • Property purchase agreements, (commercial) lease agreements, land register excerpts
  • Statements of claim and pleadings in legal disputes, legal opinions, decisions
  • General terms and conditions of business, sale and transfer agreements, commercial register excerpts, confidentiality agreements, articles and memoranda of association, annual general meetings, PoAs, due diligence reports
  • Facility agreements, syndication agreements, letters of comfort
  • Employment agreements, settlement agreements, works agreements, letters of reference
  • Annual financial statements, annual reports, audit reports
  • All types of deeds and correspondence


Do you have a bilingual document but doubts as to whether its translation is accurate? I am happy to check if the terminology and grammar has been used accurately and if there are any inconsistencies.

Project Management

Are you planning a large translation project and need assistance with its implementation? I am glad to take on the role of project management and advise you on the best way to implement your project. If so requested, I will search for suitable translators and put together entire teams of translators for you.

If your requirement or legal area is not listed here, please do not hesitate to ask me.